Innovative Training Tools

At Omnifin, we believe in life-long learning. Information and communication technology (ICT) has the potential to transform teaching and learning processes. There is little doubt that teachers should be empowered with tools that can make learning a better experience for the students.

The technology application does not have to be expensive, nor does it require the teachers to be extensively tech-savvy. All it requires is contextualising the technology we use in our day-to day lives around education.

Innovative Training Techniques Program is a Faculty Development Program built on the principles of Instructional Design and Participant-Centered Learning. The program introduces new techniques that can be used in the classroom. It implements frugal and simple to use technology for training. The program aims at equipping teachers with tools that make classroom training engaging and improves retention among students.

What's covered

  • S.A.R.E. Model
    The Start, Accelerate, Revisit and End (SARE) model of classroom teaching enables teachers to build experiential and engaging content to make the sessions interesting.
  • Social Learning
    Social learning for millennials and beyond. Teachers learn how to use social media tools in training exercises; scale content to fit learning styles; build excitement into technical training and increase collaboration among team members.
  • Contemporary Teaching Tools
    Equips teachers with some of the advanced, easy to use and cost effective resources to create and deliver impactful training. Examples: Prezi, Tuxedo, Google Drive, Earth, Infographics, Mind Maps, Process and Concept Training

Who should attend

  • Exising school/university teachers
  • Aspiring teachers or trainers
  • Owners or heads of schools
  • Heads of higher education institutions


  • Study Materials
  • 8 Hours of case based classroom training [Customisable to suit institutions' needs]
  • Certificate of completion

Enquiries (Institutional only)