Student Mentoring Program (SMP)

Student Mentoring Program

We’re seeing a cultural change in the way children are brought up in India. With an increasing number of parents becoming working couples, there is an enhanced expectation from the schools to develop essential skills beyond academics.

Parents expect schools to develop all essential skills in their kids – way beyond academics.

Our Student Mentoring Program addresses some of the key issues faced by parents (and schools) today.

The child is addicted to a device (Tablet, Phone, TV)
Declining attention span – reduced reading habits, poor response to call
Reduced social interaction – with family members, guests at home
Increased peer pressure – “me too” syndrome and consequent stress
Dependence on others for daily activities
Addiction to cartoons
Poor Posture
Inappropriate public behaviour
Safety with strangers, on road among others
Lack of smart conversation skills and shy behaviour and more.

Student Mentoring Program is one of our flagship grooming program which enables the schools to provide overall grooming to students. The program touches on the essential areas where the students need to be groomed to become safe and smart kids.
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What's covered

  • Increasing focus and attention to details
  • Daily independence and personal hygiene
  • Managing obsession with devices (Tablets, phone, TV)
  • Managing cartoon addiction
  • Body posture - in school, at home, social gathering and more
  • Table manners and dining etiquette
  • Interaction with strangers - safe and smart conversations
  • Online social networking - the do's and don'ts
  • Managing public behaviour (for all age groups)
  • Social skills and social etiquette
  • Improved motor skills
and more.

Who should attend

The program is created for school students from age 5 to 18. It is tailored for all students from standard I to XII.


Study Materials

Fun based experiential classroom learning round the academic year. [Customisable to suit institutions' needs]

Certificate of completion [Optional]

Enquiries (Institutional only)