Human Resources

An organisation runs with people and they are the most critical resources for your success. As you expand and manage your operations, you need to attract and retain high-quality talent to navigate through the ever-changing and challenging business environment.

Our Human Resources solutions include:
Recruitment | HR audit | Compensation and benchmarking | Payroll management | Performance management | Background screening | Designing HR policies and manuals | Competency framework | Diversity and inclusion


The right talent is generally not the one who is actively searching for jobs through portals. It is the one who is busy working for someone else but is willing to take up that challenge that lies ahead in the position you’re offering.

Apart from conventional sourcing methods, we also deploy innovative sourcing strategies to attract that hidden talent. Our qualified and experienced recruitment specialists ensure that we recommend candidates that are not only technically fit for the role (from entry-level to C-suite positions), but also blend with your organizational culture for a strategic fit.

We also deploy innovative recruitment sources complimented with our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. As a result, we help you hire the right set of people to help you grow. We can help you plan, structure and execute the right recruitment strategy.

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Placement Cell

Placement Services

In today’s competitive education environment, placement is indeed one big factor which distinguishes an ordinary institution from a premium one. Multiple pieces of research have shown that the institutions that provide attractive placements to students always feature on top of the best institutions list in the minds of the students. We help institutions set up and manage a robust placement cell and facilitate successful placements of students as interns and full-time employees.

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