Mistakes that we make when we start hating our jobs

Humans are never satisfied. We get super excited when we crack an interview, go to work with so much enthusiasm and then slowly within a month all our interest and excitement drowns and we tend to start hating our jobs. This is the time when we do stuff which is never appreciated by anyone and we end up spoiling our image. Here’s a list of few mistakes we make when we start hating our jobs which should be avoided.

We start coming late to work and leave before time because we hate every bit of our office.

Every night we sleep with a new excuse in mind which can be given the next morning to avoid going to office.

The cubical which used to be our most favorite place, now becomes the most hated place. We start keeping it messy and dirty.

We start finding negative things in almost everything possible-colleagues, canteen, washroom, even the colour of the walls.

There was a time when you always completed all your work either before or on time, but now you intentionally work lazily because you have lost all the interest.

All your time in the office goes either on the social networking sites or else in hunting for new jobs where you can work more efficiently.


These things are not be done once we get into corporate lives. We need to think in a right way to before making any decision. Omnifin helps you to make the right career decisions so that you don’t have to do such insane stuff once you start with your corporate life.