Professional Skill Development Program

The Ask and the Task: At College, we conduct the Professional Skills Development program for the entire batch of 2nd Year and 3rd Year B.Com students The key objective is to ensure that the students should become smart professionals, improve their confidence and ace their interview skills among others.

Pedagogy: Omnifin has designed a robust and interactive training program for the students. Our trainers follow an experiential and collaborative learning approach and ensure effective and fun learning for the students. The classes are embedded as part of the college curriculum and is conducted once a week for every student. Throughout the program, while the trainers share their experience, it’s the students who speak more and hone their soft skills. With a blend of audio-visual learning, experience sharing and guest lectures, the students are grooming practically and assessed on various parameters.

Impact: While the learning is a continuous process, we have seen positive change in students that is visible to all. Students are more confident and have demonstrated better performance at interviews and other professional pursuit.