Women Mentoring Program (WoMenPro)

Omnifin’s Women’s Mentoring Program supports the career progression and development of female professionals across career levels. The program facilitates mentoring partnerships which provide women with opportunities to reflect on and grow their leadership capabilities, build professional skills and more effectively navigate their careers through leadership roles.

It is critical for companies to most support a woman’s career development during her twenties and career advancement during her thirties. Accordingly, the program is tailored for professionals in early career and mid-career levels.

While the workshop is a one-day program, it goes beyond the workshop and embraces continuous learning and mentoring by senior professionals – both male and female with a set of action plans and changes in behavior when the participants step out after completing the workshop.

What's Covered

Who should attend?

Note: We do not have public batches foe WoMenPro and all programs are exclusively designed for corporate clients.


Participants will go through an extensive session which will involve discussions, brainstorming, reflective thinking exercises, improvisation techniques, and personalized coaching .
Participants will be able to develop professional agility, adopt a leadership approach and rethink current practices to break the glass ceiling.

Sessions will include :

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