“Professionalism” – Not outlook but a lifestyle

The very first thing that comes to our mind when think of the word, “Professionalism” is an image of a person wearing a business suit or an official attire. However is that what Professionalism means? To be very honest Professionalism is not an outlook appearance but a way of life, it is the small aspects of our personality that go a long way to show how really professional our attitude is. A few parameters which can count for the presence of Professionalism in our personality are:

– The format and language of our emails

– Our basic sense of respect towards time

– Our simple acknowledgements

– Our courtesies towards other people

– Our responses and

– Sense of responsibility towards our work

It is also not uncommon to see that someone who talks less or is more formal in communication is considered to be more Professional than someone who talks more. This again is one of the few misconceptions related to Professionalism, it is not the duration of your talk that determines how professional you are but the content of your talk and its impact that conveys your Professional attitude. Clear instructions and simple language make people look up to you as a professional or a top league manager. Complicated and high vocabulary words may sometimes confuse people and prevent the real message from being interpreted. Another important aspect of Professionalism is the ability to look for solutions in situations of a crisis. Professionalism is not to identify the source of the mistake or crisis instead it the ability to find the solution and lead the team out of the crisis. A true professional will always be a source of positivity and enthusiasm for people around him.

Thus the next time you think of the word “Professionalism”, let it not make you judge someone’s outlook or appearance but their lifestyle and attitude. Get in touch with Omnifin to make professionalism your lifestyle.