Managing Work from Home for Managers (#WFH)

As you grew up as a Manager, you experienced your manager taking you along at meetings so you could shadow them and see them nail that meeting. You received feedback from your manager while coming out of a meeting or you were encouraged with a pat on the back that “you can do it”.

Those days are gone, and you’re forced to Work from Home (#WFH) and all you have is a phone call and at best a Video Call to manage your teams remotely while you juggle with kids and household chores at home. Staying Connected and track progress remain some of the most challenging tasks. Here are four things that will help you become a better manager – from home.


Call them frequently: It’s okay to call your direct reports at least once a day – with or without an agenda to just “check if they need anything”.  A manager’s call should not make them feel like you’re calling to remind of a deadline or a new task. Of course you’ll know what they’re up to, but you’ll also be able to bridge the gap with those who are hesitant to approach you. If  someone isn’t keen on frequent calls, set expectations on communication frequency.


Online One-on-Ones: Imagine a team member coming to your office cabin. You’d probably  give him an undivided attention – like close the door. Let you teams know a call window (like 2 hours daily) and use Calendar to block time. That way, you can ensure that smallest data points and informal conversations can be addressed with each team member.


Team Engagement Activities: Team engagement activities that are done in office shouldn’t be missed online. Every Day Selfie (or with their family), a group Video Call (eg on Hangout) goes a long way in staying connected. Ask them to announce their daily target in group after you’ve discussed personally.


Keep a good stock of Appreciation and Recognition: Be a Santa when it comes to giving appreciation and recognition. It’s a lonely world out there and employees need a lot of motivation to work. Provide timely and corrective feedback and show appreciation for good work (not necessarily great work) – every day. Remember, the nonverbal communication is missing and hence you’ve have to send your Positive Vibes loud and clear.


Best Wishes.


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