Understanding the Process of Hiring

The backbone of an organization is its people. Thus, hiring good people is very important. Hiring decisions are crucial and create a foundation for appreciable performance by you, your team and your company. Reciprocally, bad hiring decisions cost a lot for correction and pulls down performance.

It is important for you to find out what characteristics are required to carry out all the responsibilities correctly, what traits the applicant must have to fit in his job profile and who would make a good candidate. Getting granular details from the functional team in which the candidate will work is key.

To make sure that the process of hiring is completed correctly, there are five effective steps.

  1. Analysing Job Requirements – It is important that you understand the job that is being offered and the critical success factors for the position. Qualities like education, skills, experience and other personal qualities are to be looked into, beforehand.
  2. Recruiting dedicated candidates – Once the job requirements are understood properly, it is important to find the suitable candidates who fit the job being offered. The best way to do this is by asking for recommendations from your professional connections and recruiting sources.
  3. Interviewing – Interviews are conducted with all the applicants so that you get to know each applicant in detail and hence realise who fits perfectly for the role. This helps you “sell” the position in your company and it also gives the candidates all the necessary details about the company and a chance to make an informed decision.
  4. Evaluating the candidates – Once the interviewing process is over, all candidates should be objectively evaluated by all the members of the hiring team including feedback from the functional team.
  5. Making a decision and an offer – This is the last step where you choose that candidate who you think can contribute the most to your organisation’s success. Post decision making, you extend a job offer.

Each of these steps helps you in a refined candidate search.